Lawrence A. Ornelas, Vice President of United Sales and Distributors Inc.

“I’m writing this to make you aware that United Sales and Distributors Inc. has chosen to sponsor TMo in their race season. We feel that this is an excellent opportunity to get national exposure in an industry like virtual racing that has grown exponentially. Since I have been so impressed in the past with Torrent Motorsports, I would like to offer you my testimonial any time you need it. I promote businesses I believe in, so whenever you need a positive customer statement for a brochure, an advertisement, a newspaper article or anything else, I’ll be happy to provide one. It’s my way of saying thanks. Thanks again for your outstanding service.”

About United Sales and Distributors:

United Sales and Distributors is an independently owned and operated wholesalecompany based in Youngstown Ohio that services independent grocery stores.  It was established to give independents a competitive edge by bringing them best bracket pricing, without having to purchase in best bracket quantities. United Sales and Distributors is the voice behind the independents that help them purchase as a group.

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